By Stacie Hanson


A Tale of Fantasy and Horror

Every Thirteen Years, an otherworldly Faire calls to the citizens of London.

Something beyond their wildest imaginations. 

At the heart of the Faire are the magicians who created it. Led by the beautiful and tempestuous Rae Pace and the tormented Kip Fletcher, the nine magicians have built the faire for their own purpose. A purpose that has drained hundreds of their imaginations and dreams for decades.

But the Faire isn’t quite what it seems.

Over seventy years have passed and it has grown wilder. It has grown…darker.

For something has awoken within the Faire.

Something has come alive.


Stacie Hanson

A fantasy author with a love of the dark and twisted, Stacie’s writing has been described as Wonderland with a twist, angst with meaning, and a thrill ride that challenges the perceptions of the reader. Previously published as T.C.Hess, she now publishes under her own name


Better than the movie! You really created something special here. Loved your original characters. These tales will forever live in my heart as the natural continuation of the story of Alice and her Mad Hatter.

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Getting back to the swing of things

I've taken some time from writing lately but that doesn't mean that I've not been doing writerly things. It is important to step back sometimes and look at what you're doing. For example, this past month I devoted 100% of my time to the Wonderland project that had...

Taking some time off

It is important as a writer, as a creative in general, to allow yourself some time to rest. There's no shame in it, despite the ideals of 'hustle hustle" #grind mentality some entrepreneurs spout. Especially when you feel that there is more to worry about than a blog....

Notes on A Twisted Faire

Notes on A Twisted Faire

A Twisted Faire was born of boredom. Sort of. I had an idea for a wickedly evil faire that wound its way about people who were unsuspecting. The story itself was started during the famous NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in 2016 but it never seemed to find its...

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