By Stacie Hanson


Book 2 of the Unseen Chronicles

Meg Thorne has done the incredible and returned to the mysterious Wheel Road. Determined to find her place in this strange world, she becomes an apprentice to the volatile magician, Seberon Wilde. But learning magic and dealing with her prickly teacher is more than Meg bargained for. 

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The Unseen Road

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The Idea Graveyard (or…why you lose your idea)

The Idea Graveyard (or…why you lose your idea)

In my desk drawer and in a file folder lies a page of ideas. Half started stories, chapters to books, picture books, concept art. On my computer, there is a similar file folder of notes and text docs, all having work of all lengths within them but also not being...

A Beginner’s Guide to starting your Novel

A Beginner’s Guide to starting your Novel

Part 2: Know thyself So you’ve covered your bases. You’ve written out a good chunk of the ‘need to know’ for your story. And I can hear some of you whining now. “Do I have to?” No, you don’t. I’m not forcing you. What I am telling you is that the majority of writers...


Better than the movie! You really created something special here. Loved your original characters. These tales will forever live in my heart as the natural continuation of the story of Alice and her Mad Hatter.

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Stacie Hanson

A fantasy author with a love of the dark and twisted, Stacie’s writing has been described as Wonderland with a twist, angst with meaning, and a thrill ride that challenges the perceptions of the reader. Previously published as T.C.Hess, she now publishes under her own name

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