Moving into the creative world was always my dream. Who doesn’t want to live a life of creativity?

But how do you do achieve that dream, right? Do you sell your soul (rate of inflation isn’t great)? Do you stay in school for the rest of your life (way too expensive)? Do you force yourself to work the same job day in and day out while dreaming of a day you can just pack it in and be a full time creative?

Yeah, I got you. Been there.

I’ve worked for years in some form of creative work with a few exceptions (cue the story about working for law firms and insurance companies, but I mean, we’ve all got those stories). I always meant for myself to be in a creative avenue but what that was going to be was always a mystery.  If not, I would have been happy to crunch numbers all day (bad at math though, likely would have been medicore) 

I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.

No one does, why don’t you just try this course?

actual conversation I remember having with a guidance counselor

So what’s a girl to do?

I have a habit of sliding into creative positions and figuring them out quickly. I mean in one way that is a problem because I’m not sure I ever achieve niche markets that are so popular these days for entrepreneurs (who hasn’t seen those Facebook ads for a webinar or an Ebook?). But I’m quite happy in my wheelhouse of just doing whatever I feel like right now. Eventually I will likely find my niche, my opus of creativity, but that isn’t right now. Right now I am sampling everything.

Here’s what I’ve done in the past 12 years:

• Videography
• Photography
• Audio editing
• Print ad design
• Newspaper design
• Basic web design 
• UX Design
• Social Media Management
• Copywriting
• Content creation
• Short Story/Creative Writing
• Photo manipulation

It just goes on…so what do I do? Niche and eventually hate what I do? Nah, that isn’t me. I’d rather keep myself in the learning mindset and discover more and more. This kind of adjustment has kept me in the field longer than some I’ve known without burnout and I’ve been lucky enough to work with some great mentors who are realists and have the ability to pivot easily.

So this blog is taking a turn for the creative. Can’t say it won’t be difficult but it will be fun.

Stacie Hanson