I don’t know if other people feel this way but post-thanksgiving I have no concept of how to operate. My focus is gone like the potatoes I devoured.

It is a matter of over-eating and over-indulging in carb-rich, sugar-rich meals. Rarely do I get to do this so of course it is natural to go overboard. I think I may have become part of a mashed potato heap myself.

So naturally, when I went to write, this just slammed me. I was out of it. Tired. Overfull. Unable to focus. So I gave up my Sunday to just being in the moment of Thanksgiving.

The Problem

Monday I had all day to write. It took me 17 hours to finally write, a fact I am not proud of. I tweeted, I facebooked and instagramed. I did everything but write. So I beat myself up about it. I grumbled to everyone I was able to grumble to without getting disowned or unfriended. I procrastinated by whining about my procrastination.


Getting over the Drag

So how do you get over the focus loophole where you put it off until the last possible second. No one likes grinding out their daily word count at last minute (and if you do then Kudos to you but gosh I don’t). 

So what I use is a handy little app I loaded onto my computer called SelfControl. This locks out Facebook,Youtube, Wiki, etc etc every site you can blacklist and need to blacklist to get your wordcount down and it locks it down for a prescribed amount of time. I typically set it to an hour. This forces me to not go and complain. Not to toss on another audio book and get lost in it. Not to watch another Impact Theory episode. Not to see what my friends are up to.

Then it comes down to discipline to sit in the chair and write. That is the hardest part and that takes training. 

I take it minute by minute and do not walk away nor do I check my word count. I put my head down and I work. The end result is 2000 words minimum in forty minutes and it is generally something I can use in a novel. It is pretty interesting to see how the brain works when you put it under the stresser of time. I check my time when I start to slack and race the clock for the finish. If I am not done, I know my brain was behind in what I needed. I take a ten minute break. Then I run through another hour.  I do what it takes to finish.

Let me know…

How would you solve a focus problem?

Stacie Hanson