I think we all have moments where we don’t know what we want to do. Want to write. Want to eat. Do we want to write a short story or an epic novel? What about ice cream or vodka? (seriously just have both at this point, my delighted brain says to me)

Tonight is one of those very rare nights when I have hours to myself. I have been taking time off of my riding because I simply have been lacking the motivation to go out into the cold winter night and jog around the arena for an hour as my horse throws mini temper tantrums because she has a massive haybale with her name on it thanks very much.

I did my podcast editing last night, I edited my story during the day. Seriously? I’ve got nada to do.

Having a mini energy break isn’t a bad idea, I know. We all need them. Those days when you just need to sit down and pretend to be part potato, part human (or all potato, I don’t judge).


I mean yeah those are rare days themselves but I need the constant in and out flow of creativity or I start to go stir crazy. I message friends and they’re all keeping busy, bless them, but there’s nothing for me to dip my fingers in.

I think.

There’s always something though. I could illustrate. I am blogging, so there’s that. I could try to figure out where I went wrong in Wonderland. I could even fight with my podcast some more but there’s the whole effort thing to get ahead of myself. (plus I’m not sure which story to read next).

It usually comes down to how badly do you want to be bored and how badly do you want to do something. Do you want to sit there, thumb up your ass (again, I don’t judge), complaining like I am doing right now? Or do you just start to touch things again? Go for walks, eat something interesting, read a book (FAVE), but try to do something maybe little different.

What’s that one thing you wanted to try? For me? It’s that movie still sitting in cellophane on my shelf. Then I’ll likely end up pretending I’m a screenwriter for a while (I bought Final Draft to pretend I was one of the Nolans because obvs I’m brilliance personified right? A prodigy in the making. I mean it could happen). Sometimes it’s these boring days that stimulate something you don’t expect.

And sometimes? They’re just boring nights.

Stacie Hanson