Let’s put it on the table right now.

I struggle to blog.

Underneath this cool exterior is a writer chafing at the idea of structure and discipline. (so much discipline) There is this…this… thing about blogging that makes me wish I’d be doing anything but blogging.

It isn’t the writing business. That’s a simple flex to go through and I know I can do it with my eyes almost shut (have to spell check after all). But the thing that kills my blogging is the lack of marketing I do for it. I allow my blog to fell into silence because gosh I’m not telling people about it.

Enter the blog challenge. Combined with my writing daily challenge and joined by a marketing challenge

You see, I have to set myself goals in time limits or HA I’m never going to do them. I’m very good at excuses and self-limitations. Add in some self-loathing when it comes to marketing myself and boom. Me central.

The blogging challenge runs for 365 days. No holidays, no days off. 365 days, 365 posts.

The writing challenge is 3000 words at least per day for one year. The end goal is six novels in various stages of development.

The marketing challenges forces me to post my work to various platforms. Social media from Instagram to Pinterest. Website to Twitter. And so on and so forth. This is the piece that will be the hardest as I tend to avoid cross-posting anywhere. If you ever see my blog anywhere, it is incidental.

Next step will be getting an e-newsletter ready but BABY STEPS GOOD LORD BABY STEPS LEAVEMEALONE

You see, for a lot of writers, the writing is the easy part. We got this yo.But when it comes to marketing, that’s the hard part. The hardest even. Most writers I run with (or run from, splitting hairs here) are neglecting marketing for one very good reason.

Marketing is scary.

One marketer I know says that You have to be arrogant and confident in your product. You have to ignore every little wiggle
of doubt in your brain.

So, for my little side project where I’m gonna put a ton of pressure on myself, I’m blogging and marketing every day.
There’s rules for this:

  1. No beating myself up if I don’t succeed
  2. I’ll give myself a break if a blog is only a few hundred words (like this one)
  3. I will get the blog onto at least one social media channel via a distribution site per day
  4. I’ll draft up pretty things
  5. I’ll keep the writing focussed on my book series, the Unseen Chronicles.
  6. No lying my way through the project. My accountability buddies will be in charge of whooping my proverbial butt if I try.
  7. The reward: something I dearly want, my month away to another country to write and study the classics

It is useless if you don’t reward yourself somehow and I intend to!

I hope some people join in at some point but really I’m doing this for me. I love writing so much I want to make it a viable part of my life. Let’s get started! Day one is done!

Words Written: 3100
Blogs Written: 1
Social Media Sites Published: Facebook & Instagram @stacieiscreative

Stacie Hanson