I’m a self professed ‘new plot new character’ aficionado.

I love everything about a new story. Whether it is the glossy newness of a plot that is just shimmering with potential or the tormented genius of a new character begging for a starring role, I love new stories. I love to jot down the notes for them, love starting some sample chapters, love sitting there and figuring all the writerly crap out.

I do not love figuring out ALL of it though.

This happened to me recently. You see, I’m at the tail end of the third book in my Unseen Chronicles (an upcoming series) and I really am getting ready to to take a brief break from the Wheel Road. Honestly, I need some time spent away from the adventures of Meg Thorne before we head into the very serious business of building on the over-arching plot line. I need the time away.

So where did my brain go? Space. Let’s go to space. We’ve not done a space theme yet.

Did I mention I am not a sci-fi writer or even a big reader for that measure?

As with most things, what brought this on was too much watching of related and semi-related programs. I tend to keep some relative sameness to my every day routine and recently I’ve been reading quite a bit on Ancient Rome. Ancient Rome is a pretty common template for some high fantasy so it only seemed natural for me to delve. I used to love studying Ancient Rome in public school, you see, and I still love learning about it. Only now I am knee deep in philosophy and political strategies, while before I was more fascinated with baths and aqueducts (this is very obvious in my unnamed Unseen 3).

It doesn’t hurt to move on to other projects, but the trick tends to be pulling it off while finishing up the other projects. There is a siren call about new projects. It is seductive and it pulls at a writer, entrancing them with promises of being an even better (or at the very least different) story, and that newness is an attractive thing.

For me, coping with that seduction has been a lesson well learned. I used to let myself be seduced easily. I used to carry on with six projects at once, flitting from project to project. This mostly happened in my early writing days of my teens. But these days I tend to be laser focussed on one project at a time.

So despite the siren call of Ancient Rome and space trying to seduce me from my list, here is what on the project list right now:

  1. Finish Unseen 3
  2. Publish Twisted Faire
  3. Edit Unseen 2
  4. Work on the untitled Wonderland Project
  5. Consider what is to be done about Ancient Rome

Right now the project list isn’t that expansive and that is deliberate. I am trying to avoid a sense of overwhelm.

Provided, of course, I keep on task and not get distracted by shiny newness, I should be on track for a fairly decent six months.

Today’s Count:

Words written: 3000

Blogs written: 4/365

Social Media Channels advertised to: 2