I got to type ‘The End’ on book three of the Unseen Chronicles today.

There is no more satisfying feeling I think. Well, short of starting a new story. That’s fun too.

Book Three has been a problem since I reached the mid-point. It wasn’t that the middle point sagged. It just…there was a lot to write. So much to write. SO MUCH TO WRITE. I had to cover the makings of a magician in a world where even I wasn’t sure what made a magician.

See, now this is why you outline.

The problem with the story was mostly that I had to fight with my characters to participate. It was a bit of a struggle to discover how much my main character (MC) wanted to tell me about what she was going through. Sometimes characters are like that. They become the strong and silent type.

Endings are also a bit of a plague. The most obvious place I struggle is the endings. With the exception of my Lethe series where I knew the ending from the very beginning, the ending is usually a bit of a surprise to me. The ending here was from a character I did not expect to get a place in my story, let alone the ending lines. Somehow they came out of nowhere and made it known that they are, in fact, important.

The next step, after endings, is always a bit of a trip. It concerns what do I do next? Do I devote all my time to the editing of the series or do I dive deep into book four of the series where things take a turn for a whole other arc? Or do I clean my palate with a brand new story?

There really is so many options I can go with right now and having this breathing space of approximately one day will tell me where I am going next. The paths are so far open and I’m excited.

I’m taking a break from a longer post tonight to celebrate with some tea and some extra sleep!

Today’s Count:

Words written: 2700

Blogs written: 6/365

Social Media Channels advertised to: 2