I’ve not put a book together since 2015 for a 2016 release.

So when I opened KDP today and looked at it, I would love to say that it all came flooding back. Every thing I knew how to do five years ago came roaring back and it didn’t take me all day.

But I’d be a liar.

Formatting took me all day to get close to right. Amazon and I had colourful arguments. The IngramSpark site and I had trouble. No one to blame but me really. I’m simply not used to it. But in my overwhelming stubbornness not to use a book formatter this time around, my day got completely away from me and here I am, writing a brief blog about it at almost 11pm on a Sunday.

It all started at 10 am this morning. I started the final leg of my edits for A Twisted Faire and ploughed through it. Each word seemed to drag. I’ve been going non-stop to get this ready for a release day and I am, quite frankly, very tired. But I finished the edit at 2 pm and moved forward with formatting.

Then I started to go crazy.

I cranked up the Spotify Daily mixes, plunked my backside in the chair, and sang along to Todrick Hall as I tweaked covers and jackets, moved widows, shifted text, and made a mess of my formatting. It isn’t the hardest thing I’ve ever done by far but it is the most tedious.

But it is a learning process all the same. I forced myself to focus through it and only came up for air to walk the dog or grab a cup of tea. By dinner time, I was ready to throw in the towel. So much tweakage had happened. The cover was complex but I was getting a bit of shift. The files were large and chugged along to get uploaded.

I was hitting breaking point of feeling tired out by 8pm when, magically (I’m sure I did something), the cover worked. The formatting worked. Then I had to work on the ebook as well. Woof. That was also an ordeal. I moved past it to work solely on the print edition. Figuring I was finished, I went upstairs, watched a movie, had a dog freak out thanks to fireworks, then came back downstairs.

Dang it.

Another hour passed of working on tweaks and finally…finally..

I think it is good to go.

Now to be brave and set my release dates.

Today’s Count:

Words edited: 5000

Blogs written: 7/365

Social Media Channels advertised to: 1