I was up to all hours last night doing book related things. When I went to bed, it was with an 80lb dog and a large cat shaking from the scary fireworks outside. Then it was up and down all night. Eventually I gave up on sleep and so I was officially worn out today.

I took it on myself to work on some reading for a book I will be publishing in the future. I need some reading and this story I had put away. Sometimes you need to step away from projects to gain perspective. What I recalled about the unnamed project was that I wasn’t sure it actually went anywhere.

I’m at chapter twenty (or what I assume is chapter 20. I didn’t actually try to divide it in chapters), and lo-n-behold there is a story under here. It is a perfect mess and I adore it. Every misspelled word I ignore because so far I love this story. It is almost magical to watch how a story I was puzzled over for its actual meaning has its own voice. I delighted in the pathways I was shown as Meg Thorne learns what it is to survive in the Wheel Road, learns what it is to be a magician.

The story so far covers facets of the Wheel Road that I had, at the time of writing An Unseen Magician, was unaware of. You see, AUM was written complete on its own. Then, in the way of some stories, it sprouted legs. Characters I hadn’t thought needed additional stories suddenly needed stories told about them. A love affair I was unaware of became possible and a certain magician was far more complex than I had planned.

I had planned out the basis for one story but not the arc for seven. And that’s where I am at. At a storyline needed for seven books. So naturally editing this book is necessary. Very much so. I am just taking the day to enjoy it a little more than previously planned.

Because right now, I just need a book that makes me happy

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