With a day off from what I love doing, I was ready to get back in the saddle.

The saddle I had gotten some sores from, as it were. I found myself chafing at my bit (okay, enough equestrian analogies) to get back to work.

This time around it wasn’t 3000 words to write but 89,000 words to read. The Unseen Two, as I’ve mentioned, needed its first read-through to be done. I had my notepad to take down ‘what happens in each chapter’ and a cup of tea. I wasn’t overly confident that my story would hold much weight because, to be frank, I’ve forgotten alot of it except for crucial details.

Then ‘voila’ it turned out to be fairly good. I was pleasantly surprised. I love what that happens.

So that was one chunk of work done. I moved on to the next project which was deciding my course of action for the next month. You see, at my average goal of 3000 words per day, a 90,000 word project is the goal for the end of June. That’s a hefty goal. A lot of work considering at the same time I’ve got to edit book 2 as I go on. It is…well, it’s work. A girl’s gotta work. Not to mention marketing and what have you. So making sure the project is the right one is a big necessity.

I had four projects I could work on:

  • My Wonderland Story
  • My Space Opera
  • My Ancient Rome Story
  • Unseen Four

Each of these presents an equal opportunity or equal difficulty. You see, I’m reading Space Operas right now. So it seems super duper fun. But then again I wouldn’t exactly know what I’m doing so I’d fumble. Ancient Rome presents a lot of interest for me because oooo classics. But, then again, a lot of work in research for accuracy. I’m a stickler for it (just read my novel ‘All Shook Up’. That was a LOT of research just to be accurate for the 1950s-1960s). Wonderland I lost my gas on so I’d have to rebuild and keep going with a world I was struggling to build.

Then there, sitting there all perky like an Australian Shepherd ready to go for a walk, was Unseen Four. It was begging to be written. After all, her sisters had all been been finished and lovingly crafted. Why not her? (I swear that the Unseen Four looks at me in a threatening way: Why not me indeed?).

Ah. Right.

You see, when you are knee-deep in a series, from my experience it is best to keep chugging away at it. I made an error in working on multiple book series when it came to my SinSlinger series and so I never picked it up again when I was finally tired out. Therefore, I made my decision to work on Unseen four after all and get right ahead to finishing up the Unseen Series, which ends at book seven. (not counting the Twisted Faire book coming out shortly).

Book Four is a murder mystery, when Seberon Wilde is called into help an old friend track down the killer of a beloved daughter.

Time to research more murder mysteries and the aspects of young nymphs in mythology!

Today’s Count:

Words read: 85000

Blogs written: 9/365

Social Media Channels advertised to: 2