I’m not an early riser anymore.

Since COVID-19 reared its ugly head, I’ve been out of work. So my usual bed time slots have changed from a solid 10-6 to 12-8.30. Which to me is not longer an early riser.

But when it comes to writing, I try very hard to get things done early and on time. I’ve been having mini-panic sessions all week about indie-publishing my books, let alone marketing and getting the book design done properly. Which makes very little sense, I still have two weeks to get them out on the preorder schedule.

I sort of panic, but I always do it ahead of schedule. Go me.

So this morning I got to work a little earlier than normal. I grabbed some breakfast, took a cup of coffee into my studio, and settled into my chair to do some work. I stared hard at my screen with a sceptical eye and debated on my next move. I’m not used to writing murder mysteries, so the build to this story is a little different. I’m building in reverse for some sections since, of course, I know the killer but I need to be sure it isn’t so out of the blue that the reader goes ‘huh’. See I might not know what I’m doing when it comes to murder mysteries but I know that much.

Should probably read some murder mysteries…

On a good schedule for a writing day, I write for a few hours, break to eat and take the dog for a walk, write some more, glance at twitter, and then edit. Today I got the three thousand done early and took Oz for quite a few walks. I ate, did a mini-workout for my back, then headed back to write just a little more. It has been a good day. It more than compensates for those days when just nothing is working and I want to drive an ice-pick into my Muse.

I had originally planned not to touch Unseen Four for a few more weeks really but that early start the other day needed to be continued. I have an overwhelming urge to create something, anything, ‘Unseen-y’.

That or a rambly blog post about a book series that isn’t even out yet.

My thought is that if I got on the ball early that publishing it out won’t be so intimidating.

And it’s kind of working

Words written: 3500

Blogs written: 11/365

Social Media Channels advertised to: 2

Stacie Hanson