In contrast to yesterday’s nightmare fuelled anxiety, today was a decent day.

You ever have one of those? Where it isn’t great but it just decent? For someone who deals with BP2 and anxiety disorders, a decent day is pretty great.

In addition to cutting two lawns and getting some much needed Vitamin D (my skin still feels warm and toasty despite the sunblock), I managed to solve my paperback novel issues. I’d struggled to get the formatting right and was having a Frozen moment of just ‘let it go’ but I went back one more time. To me it would be unacceptable to sell a book that isn’t as perfect as I can make, formatting wise, and I knew I should give it one more try.

Of course, it didn’t work. Not until I remembered that I am, in fact, a graphic designer and I can use Indesign to make books. Lo and behold, it was easier than I remembered to format an entire book and produce an Amazon worthy pdf in just a few hours. I did my triple checks before uploading, crossed all fingers and toes, and then set about uploading. I waited breathless moments, heart in my throat and well aware that I had spent too many hours already doing this. Then Amazon gave me the go-ahead that yes, this was an acceptable proof.

Joy of joys. I could put this into a draft and wait to publish it for June 1st. I breathed a sigh of relief and sat back. Then I went back to work on my unseen 4 once more. I really should have titles before I start writing them; considering their naming conventions you’d think it’d be easy. The Unseen 4 book went from discussing the merits of sandwiches (I may be channelling some Douglas Adams here) to being an insight into the political and caste systems of the Wheel Road. It too had some good flow today. It circulated around, showing me what is going on between Seb and Meg as their roles of teacher and student keeps evolving, let me glimpse how their relationship has changed since that awkward first meeting in the Wheel Road. I didn’t get to 3000 words as of writing this blog, but I did get to a minimum word count which is good for me.

Some times the days we have are decent days. Days we need to feel like a slice of normalcy has returned. I had a decent day today and it reflects in the works I was able to get done without worrying and fretting that I was running out of time (a constant theme with me). Next week will be a bit different as I add some job searching and marketing to the scheme. It will be an interesting change .

But for today, I am just going to enjoy a decent day with a glass of wine and a good book. I’m reading space operas, a new genre for me. If I get lucky and like the book, I’ll review it on my blog

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Stacie Hanson