I’m having “heat brain” as I call it.

It started off hot today and just got hotter. So when it came to writing, my brain felt like it was just impossible today. I stared hard at my screen for a good hour. I follow the rule that if I have slotted an hour to write, my time is spent either writing or staring stupidly at a wall. Most of the time this works. I feel so silly doing nothing that eventually I do something. Except today it felt like I was pulling nothing out of nothing.

So I gave up after 1000 words.

The rest of my day is spent in that hot sort of haze where you rest, you do other things. I finished up my copywriting portfolio finally with a few emails and sales letters and let it rest. I went back to my writing after a while and read it over. It really didn’t do much for me but I had at least finished the chapter off. I then decided that maybe I should start the book off again a little differently. I may start with the burning of an orphanage (a big crime) and then move on to a murder (an individualized crime). I may not. I think today wasn’t the best day to be making decisions this time around. It seemed like every step I made to go forward just felt like a huge step backward at the same time.

So writing did get done. It just wasn’t vibing today. Even blogging seems to be a bit of a strain. So I’ll work on it tomorrow and see where we get. Hopefully it goes a bit smoother. Or a bit cooler. Otherwise I’ll simply hole up in a cool room and force myself to stare at a blank wall again for a while until boredom gets the better of me and I write out something, anything, halfway decent.

Words written: 1000

Blogs written: 15/365

Social Media Channels advertised to: 0

Stacie Hanson