After yesterday’s fiasco of sitting before my blank wall and staring at nothing for a good hour, I forced myself to do it again. It almost felt like groundhog day at first because it started as every day starts.

Walking my dog.

Boring I know but the boy loves his walk. As I walked with him, my brain was busy. It was busy with what I needed to write, what I needed to get done. I was more than a little frustrated that I felt I had wasted time yesterday. So I resolved that the moment I had my cup of tea in the morning I’d sit at my computer and write.

What do you know, it worked!

I managed to get out three hours of work with three thousand words and then some. This chapter is probably the best yet (it is early days, I’ve only written about five chapters of this book already). It featured a character I have come to loathe even though he has barely been in my series, a character known infamously as Mr. Block. A character who is masterful at manipulation, he managed to come across as both sensible and almost correct…until you remembered why and how he was doing this. It was pretty horrible to write him that way because my inner political leanings chafed at what he was doing. But I did it regardless.

I then spent a few hours editing the first chapters of book 2 of the Unseen Chronicles, an untitled I am tentatively calling “An Unseen Apprentice”. This book features Meg and Seb in equal doses, a difference than An Unseen Magician where it is told totally from Meg’s point of few. Being able to switch between the POVs allows me to see the nuances of the characters a bit more than I couldn’t see when told solely from Meg’s perspective. So far this book is reading as pretty solid. I’m doing edits on it that combine line and copy edits for this second run through. The plot line is very linear and rarely deviates away, which may be something I go to fix.

Areas I can see needing fixing:

  1. Seb’s habit of “fighting” in order to blow off steam. (he’s a boxer magician)
  2. Vex’s machinations that drive Seb and Meg further from her practicing as a magican.
  3. Darcy Lane’s history

These are all simple fixes that I like so far. I want to add these in as the story needs some added weight to it. The subject matter is pretty strictly on the topic of Trust. That’s the theme. Trust.

Simple enough theme. Let’s hope I actually did thread it through the story properly.

Words written: 3400

Blogs written: 16/365

Social Media Channels advertised to: 2

Stacie Hanson