I often reread my old stories.

Not ones I intend on finishing, but the ones that I don’t often pull up. This stems from a bit of nostalgia I suppose, where I’m interested in what I used to think made a good story, instead of something I think was a treasure I buried.

One such story is a scifi tale I intended on creating called ‘The Valkyrie Saga’ which featured AI, a detective, and a mob boss he falls in love with. It was a decent enough story that I posted half of it on Wattpad for readers to enjoy but after the midway point I simply stopped caring. And I was developing the Unseen. So, priorities took place.

So today, as it was an anxiety day, I took the time to reread it. And lo n behold, I liked it. I liked it but I could also see why I put it away eventually. It lacks any sense of morality or voice. It’s a replicant of a Bladerunner movie and it lacks an actual soul. It is good writing, I think, but it is also so sterile that there is no chance of connection.

Sometimes you need to put things away. Today I have particular need to just be brief on this blog. My anxiety is very bad today and even doing this act is enough to make me want to throw up. So, we will be back to our regular scheduled blog tomorrow when I feel much better.

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Stacie Hanson