It isn’t that I’m not feeling Book 4 of the Unseen. I’m going to keep working on it in smaller bite sizes as the book itself is a murder mystery and I have to research that a little bit better to be sure I’ve got a good hang of things. The story will still get its 1800 words a day.

The change was a request for a book two in my Summer in Leaf romance series. It wasn’t a series I had intended however I did develop a slew of other characters within the original story of Before You Go that I hadn’t thought I would get to use. The requester was my mom, a romance devotee. And it doesn’t hurt to be a multi-genre writer. It is all, after all, practice.

This series will be following a similar story layout to that laid out in the Save the Cat beats that help make sure your story flows in a way that is engaging to the reader. If you have never read any of the Save the Cat books then you are missing a good learning opportunity. I used them to learn about how to write screenplays, although I am not a screenplay writer by any measure. Like any good writing craft book, you need to read it in depth and take what you need from it. Not all of the advice is things I think bear repeating or that I think every writer needs.

The problem I’ve been having with some craft books is that there is a sheer monotony of information. Most information seems to just be guesswork in what makes a decent story, what makes an agent pick up a book and go ‘wow’ because art, as we all know, is subjective. However, the most consistent advice I’ve ever received from a book is “don’t give up and don’t stop writing your story” which is why these days I finish what I start.

Which leads me to operating on two books at once. I want to do dual releases at some point for this book series so that I don’t feel as pulled in one direction and one direction only. I’ve always enjoyed writing romance no matter the sexual orientations or genders, and I will always love fantasy novels.

Writing two stories at once will be a fun exercise again. My mom will get her chapters as I write, and I’ll get to continue to chip away at the Unseen world, just without as much pressure. Sometimes it helps to lean off one book series and let it begin to ferment on its own instead of struggling to make work what isn’t working in the first place.

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Stacie Hanson