You could argue that these days we’re not in our darkest eras. Arguably, historically, we could say that things have been worse.

You could also argue that at this point, to have not learned from our past bias and mistakes, that maybe it is a dark timeline.

I spent the past couple of weeks on a media blackout out of respect for the advocacy of my BLM beliefs and for LGBTQA2I beliefs. I spent my time on facebook struggling to articulate to people who didn’t want to listen, dealt with watching friends I believed to be open minded revealing their dark underbellies which were saturated in the drippings of racism. Others buried their heads in the sand and pretended nothing happened. Still more felt that THEIR rights had been trampled upon.

In the struggle to be empathetic and to not judge others too fast, I exhausted my options on dealing with others. I resorted to being cutting and intolerant of racism because that was the only way to deal with what was going on. There is no excuse for judging the colours of people and their cultures, there’s no excuse for judging the sexualities of others and fostering our prejudices simply because ‘that’s what been done.’

You can only abuse things so far before it becomes too much and you break the backs of those who have been carrying the burden. My friends have had enough and I support them in that. It is time to not bury heads in sand and to stand up against racism and prejudice, against bigotry, homophobia and transphobia.

I took time off of blogging to decide the direction of my art. Because I’m angry. On behalf of my friends and family who have suffered at the hands of bigots and cowards, I am angry. And the only thing I have to offer is my art and my voice.

Blogs written: 22/365

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Stacie Hanson