It is important as a writer, as a creative in general, to allow yourself some time to rest. There’s no shame in it, despite the ideals of ‘hustle hustle” #grind mentality some entrepreneurs spout.

Especially when you feel that there is more to worry about than a blog. My blog, really, is just a practice for me. I’m not in it for SEO, monetization, or anything like that.

So I took most of the month of June off to deal with life in general. The realization that I won’t be going back to my normal 8-5 is very much a likelihood, that my life has to change, dealt me a particularly hard blow. My ego took a bit of a beating. Then on top of that was car woes, bills, and trying to get used this idea that I have to go and job search again. Ouch.

So I really didn’t mind taking some time off to rejigger my life around. The 365 challenge took a breather. It needed a dose of morality and direction as it was.

Hopefully I can get back to my random spoutings at more regular schedule and length after today.

Stacie Hanson