So what’s this all about? Well…I love to write.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Girl finds her calling and keeps writing. And that’s not wrong at all. Except I’ve been resisting it for years (and I mean resisting).

My first love is and always has been writing fiction. It is the craft I’ve chosen to get better at. I write daily 2,500 words in an effort to get even better. It doesn’t matter the genre or length of the story I am writing. I love it. I love crafting worlds and making characters who then sprout off on their own (as if I had a choice in what they do)

This page also serves sales and reviews of my fiction books, my copywriting endeavours, and my podcast. With my training as a graphic designer and marketer, I’m well suited to the publishing world.

You’ll find my services below.

Creating art

You could argue that these days we're not in our darkest eras. Arguably, historically, we could say that things have...

A Twisted Faire

Chapter One: AdaTown Centre, City of London, 1882It started first with a call. It was the sort of tickle that brushed...

My Services

Digital storytelling

From social media to website copy, we’re going to have fun building your brand’s story

Creative Copywriting

Every story matters. Your story matters. We can tell your story together.

Graphic Design

A trained graphic designer on your side let’s you maximize your brand

Do you need HELP? Yesterday?

Been there. I know what you mean. Deadlines, late projects, or even just good old fashioned business block. You need a dose of creativity. Contact me today to see how I can help you!