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Depending on your fancy, any world may do. Whether a fantasy, romance, drama, or short story, every world has its reasons for existing.

You might find yourself in the darkness of the wild Range, a place where evil and good are so wrapped about each other that you would hard-pressed to discover the differences. You may join the Chaotics and Preachers who make up that world

You may discover the peaceful seaside town of Leaf, where romance is in the air. Journey down to the pub or make your way to the hotel and discover who waits for you there.

Maybe you dive deep into Wonderland and meet a Mad Hatter and his heroic Alice. There the odd world spins on its head and becomes a different kettle of onions all together.

Or perhaps, just perhaps, you want to taste all the myths and legends our world has to offer wrapped within magic. Journey four steps down and two steps up to the Unseen realm, a place that runs parallel to Earth.

Whatever your journey, lay breadcrumbs on your path…you may not come back unchanged.

 The Unseen


A world within a world, the Unseen is set upon the plains of existence between Earth and the magical. Follow the adventures of the Intellectuals, magicians who have no boundaries, and the journey of Meg Thorne, an apprentice who is searching for her place in this new world.



The Unseen Road

A Twisted Faire 

(The Prequel)

Every thirteen years, a magical faire appears within the depths of London and sends out a call to ordinary citizens to experience its wonders. Controlled by a group of magicians called the Intellectuals, its magical tendrils wrap about the imagination and dreams of people who have no reason to dream. 

 But in 1895, shadows begin to creep within the Faire, and it becomes a place of nightmares and death. Soon, the lives of all who dwell within it are at risk. Something has caused it to sicken and the answer lies within the magicians themselves.

Rae Pace is the youngest of the Intellectuals. Despite her potential, her power is spiralling out of control and her fellow magicians turn on her. With her deep connection to the Faire, Rae’s downward spiral into the darkness seems unavoidable as nightmares claw their way into her mind. Rae has a choice to make. Does she hide within the darkness where she is safe or does she become something more than a simple magician? Does she become a saviour to those who would trap her?

An Unseen Magician

(Book 1 Of the Unseen Chronicles)

Meg Thorne is having a bad day. Maybe even the worst day in her life, she can’t quite be sure. When a kindly old man in the subway asks her to deliver a message across the street, she thinks nothing of it. How can her day get any worse, after all? 

Only it does. Meg finds that the world she steps into is not her hometown but a place known as the Wheel Road, a city teeming with magic, mythical creatures, and exiled gods. All she has to do to get out is to get to the other side of a place called ‘Market’. An easy task, she thinks, but of course it isn’t so simple. Meg finds herself on the run from a dark magician who will stop at nothing to keep her message from getting to where it needs to go. Her message, as it turns out, is to incite revolution within this stagnant world that she is a stranger to and it is a revolution those in power are trying desperately to avoid. With only a magical dog and his surly master to help her, Meg finds herself on a whirlwind adventure that will end with her getting to the other side of the mysterious Market or with her death. 

Meg really wasn’t ready for that when she got out of bed this morning.

The Unseen Apprentice

(Book 2 of the Unseen Chronicles)

Meg Thorne has done the incredible and returned to the mysterious Wheel Road. Determined to find her place in this strange world, she becomes an apprentice to the volatile magician, Seberon Wilde.

But learning magic and dealing with her prickly teacher is more than Meg bargained for. Both lazy and afraid of Meg’s natural ability, Seb has no intention of teaching her until the Raven Lord himself intervenes.
Meg becomes entrenched in magic and learning, travelling about the Boroughs to the Great Libraries and the Clocktower, bastions of knowledge and power.

Equally determined to prevent her from learning, Charles Vex continues to plague Meg’s lessons and attempts to provoke both her and Seb into a duel they cannot win.

But Meg hears a call, a call that no one else can hear.

A call from deep within that seduces her into using more magic than an apprentice should ever touch. Suddenly everything is not what it seems and Meg has to learn to trust the very person she has become since she came to the Wheel Road.

A person she was always meant to be.

A Summer In Leaf Series

Set around the sleepy coastal town of Leaf, where the residents indulge in their favourite subject: town gossip. With romance in the air, many of them don’t care who is up to be matched next. 


Book 1: Before you go (Now Available for Purchase! Click Here!)

In the quaint, sleepy town of Leaf, life is simple. But the romances are anything but simple. The citizens of Leaf often entangled in the sweetness and hardship of love. In the manner of small towns, everyone knows each other’s business. There’s little that the town gossips don’t know.

When Abigail Merchant returns home after years in Toronto, tongues start wagging. Soon, Abby is the aim of mischievous townspeople looking to matchmake her. After all, many of them decide, this shy woman needs all the help she can get. Abby has no intention of becoming involved with any man, let alone one approved by the town. Inside, she harbours the secret desire to see the world and make her dreams come true.

She’s just not sure what those dreams are anymore.

There’s only one businessman in Leaf who might hire a woman with Abby’s particular skill set. A Scotsman who owes her brother a favour.

Fergus McDougall is an ex-rugby star who has come to Leaf to start the first of what he hopes is several pubs on the coast. Retired with a devastating injury, he hides his hurt behind his devil-may-care attitude. Tall, handsome, and a little rough around the edges, Fergus is more consumed with making his pub a tourist spot and a raging success than romance. No one is going to distract him from that goal.

He never planned for a rainstorm that brings in a soaking wet woman to his pub. One who turns his life upside down.

The Sinslinger Series

(as T.C. Hess)


When Dill Dervish arrives in Erstwhile, he brings with him a bag of bad luck and even worse history. An exiled preacher, all he wants is peace. But for a man with his magic, with his dark past, peace is long coming. There is a darkness brewing within the wild Range, a darkness that is set to destroy all of Erstwhile.


Available for purchase on Amazon or through Wattpad here


Dill has helped save Erstwhile but at a cost. The Chaotic heretic he tied his life to has escaped to the Range and he is set to follow her. But the Range has other ideas for a man with nothing left to lose and he finds that Erstwhile was just the tip of the masterplan of an evil that has slept for a very long time


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Covering three novels, the continued adventures of Alice 2009’s Alice & Hatter as they come back to Wonderland, only to find there is no such thing as Home Sweet home



Stacie Hanson