A free copy of A Twisted Faire is available for download! Subscribe to my newsletter and get a free book. Come and plunge into the intricate and adventurous world of the UnSeen, where nothing is what it seems

A free copy of A Twisted Faire is available for download! Subscribe to my newsletter and get a free book. Come and plunge into the intricate and adventurous world of the UnSeen, where nothing is what it seems

 Hi there, fanciful fans of the fantastic. I am Stacie “Tea” Hanson, a writer specializing in fantasy, dark fantasy, horror, and science fiction. Coupling the mysterious and incredible within the light and shadows of strange worlds, my books are varied but with common threads of deep world-building and intricate character relationships. Currently, I reside in Canada and work as an artist and writer. In addition to writing, I offer book services such as formatting and cover design.
You can find my books at major e-retailers and follow my blog where I discusses writing and creativity at length.
If you are looking for writing help (or a shoulder to cry on about said writing life), drop me a line!

The Blog

Here I dispense what I hope for is helpful advice, reviews, rants, and other such sundry targeting the book and art world.

Getting back to the swing of things

I've taken some time from writing lately but that doesn't mean that I've not been doing writerly things. It is important to step back sometimes and look at what you're doing. For example, this past month I devoted 100% of my time to the Wonderland project that had...

Taking some time off

It is important as a writer, as a creative in general, to allow yourself some time to rest. There's no shame in it, despite the ideals of 'hustle hustle" #grind mentality some entrepreneurs spout. Especially when you feel that there is more to worry about than a blog....

Notes on A Twisted Faire

Notes on A Twisted Faire

A Twisted Faire was born of boredom. Sort of. I had an idea for a wickedly evil faire that wound its way about people who were unsuspecting. The story itself was started during the famous NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in 2016 but it never seemed to find its...

Creating art

You could argue that these days we're not in our darkest eras. Arguably, historically, we could say that things have been worse. You could also argue that at this point, to have not learned from our past bias and mistakes, that maybe it is a dark timeline. I spent the...

A Twisted Faire

Chapter One: AdaTown Centre, City of London, 1882It started first with a call. It was the sort of tickle that brushed against the nape of the neck and travelled down to the small of the back. It settled in the stomach and turned it in knots. It spread to the blood and...

I can’t tonight

There is nothing I can articulate well enough to form a good blog post. I released a book today but the flavour is gone for me. Watching my Black and POC friends deal with a world that they have to fight for acceptance in has me reeling and I can't imagine how they...

What to say

I'm not sure what to say on tonight's blog. Only that everything at the moment feels heavy. It feels heavy to watch the crisis in the United States reach a zenith. It feels heavy to hear the racism in my own country being denied. I rarely post anything incidental on...

Change of plans

Change of plans

It isn't that I'm not feeling Book 4 of the Unseen. I'm going to keep working on it in smaller bite sizes as the book itself is a murder mystery and I have to research that a little bit better to be sure I've got a good hang of things. The story will still get its...

The Benefits of a ReRead

I often reread my old stories. Not ones I intend on finishing, but the ones that I don't often pull up. This stems from a bit of nostalgia I suppose, where I'm interested in what I used to think made a good story, instead of something I think was a treasure I buried....

The trusty thread

The trusty thread

After yesterday's fiasco of sitting before my blank wall and staring at nothing for a good hour, I forced myself to do it again. It almost felt like groundhog day at first because it started as every day starts. Walking my dog. Boring I know but the boy loves his...

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Better than the movie! You really created something special here. Loved your original characters. These tales will forever live in my heart as the natural continuation of the story of Alice and her Mad Hatter.

Ao3 Review


Stacie Hanson

A fantasy author with a love of the dark and twisted, Stacie’s writing has been described as Wonderland with a twist, angst with meaning, and a thrill ride that challenges the perceptions of the reader. Previously published as T.C.Hess, she now publishes under her own name. Have a question? Send it to the site address and get it answered! Want to subscribe? Check out my newsletter! Want to buy a book? Visit my paypal links or Amazon for more options!

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